Winchester Hills, Utah

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Extreme Fire Conditions

There is an abundance of dry fuel right now and the risk of brush fires is extremely high. We've recently seen two large brush fires near Toquerville, a big one in Hurricane, a large brush fire near Bloomington, as well as at least 5 smaller brush fires we've responded to here.

NO outside burning is allowed right now (especially burning weeds with a torch). Please be very careful and aware of any activity that could cause sparks or cinders (welding, grinding, etc).

NO fireworks are allowed anywhere in Winchester Hills right now (by state and county law). The Sheriff's department has let us know they will be issuing citations for this.


Join the Winchester Hills NextDoor Community Page

You're invited to join the free Winchester Hills NextDoor community page, a closed social network just for residents of Winchester Hills. There we can share community news, events, garage sales, free items, recommendations for good service providers, etc.

No WHWC Alerts and Notices... (Last updated 7/30/2020)

WHWC Board of Directors


October 29th - National Guard Clean-Up Meeting

The National Guard will be at the park from 4pm to 6pm to tell us about their plan to clean-up the unexploded shells in the sand dunes area. This is separate (and more thorough) than prior clean-up efforts.

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