Winchester Hills, Utah Water Company

Winchester Hills Water Company
1090 West 5830 North
St. George, Utah 84770
(435) 673-9403

Winchester Hills Water Company is a privately owned water provider, in which all of us, the shareholders and land owners in Winchester Hills, are the owners of the water company. We are all responsible for the operation of the water company in order to ensure continued water service to each of our homes.

The water company is governed by an elected Board of Directors, consisting of seven members. Currently the Board of Directors is as follows:

Allen Davis Ferris Emery Tony Montella
Chad Shepherd Gary Christensen Milt Thompson
Ross Ruesch

The Board of Directors is responsible for the continued operation of the water company and all related water distribution systems. The board of directors is also responsible for the business operations of the water company.

Winchester Hills Water Company employs a part time manager for the performance of the day to day activities which are required to supply water to all of our homes. The manager is required to be trained and registered as a Water System Operator as per Utah State Law, and maintain the proper amount of CEUs for that certified license. He assists with the business operation of the company under the direction of the Board of Directors. He is also required to take bacteriological water samples, order chemical water tests, and file the associated reports required by the state for the operation of a water system of our size.

As shareholders we are all responsible to be wise stewards of the assets of the water company. This pertains to the entire water distribution system, but mainly to the water shares which the company owns. We are responsible to watch over and manage our properties in regards to the amount of water which is used. The water company was founded with the appropriate water available for our responsible use; for all property owners in the Winchester Hills area. However if we all became wasteful users, we could find ourselves in jeopardy of not being able to provide for our basic needs.

The water is provided in quarterly allotments, based upon average usage as the seasons change throughout the year. The quarterly allotment amounts are located on the back side of the bills which you will also receive quarterly. The share in the Winchester Hills Water Company represents the right to use the standard allotment which is attached to each lot.  Therefore, at the time of title transfer, any outstanding billings, fees, and assessments are transferred with the lot and must be negotiated and paid by either the seller or the buyer.

Please contact the water company before you attempt to shut off your meter or any water company valves. Per company policy, in the event that any shareholder damages water company property such as pipes, valves, meters, meter valves that are broken while trying to shut off the water, etc., the shareholder will be responsible for the cost of the repair. It is suggested that each shareholder have a shut-off valve on their side of the meter in order to troubleshoot any needed repairs to the home or landscape.




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